Get More Sales With Less Sweat
Using Website Copywriting Designed to Sell

Get more revenue. Without chipping away at your profits by luring in sales with freebies and discounts.

Put more leads in your sales funnel. Without making cold calls.

Your website can flood you with leads and sales around the clock--once it has the dynamic duo working for you...

Persuasive Web Copy
Designed to Sell Like a Pro

The Easiest Way to Get More Sales...
Is to Convert the Traffic You Already Have

Social networking, SEO, mobile marketing and big data can only take you so far toward your sales goals, because these tactics focus on getting website traffic.

To push your goals off the charts, you need compelling, persuasive website and sales landing pages that drive your traffic to click, convert, and buy.

If you’re looking for a badass sales landing page and website copywriter who loves helping subscription-based businesses and outdoor companies get amazing results – you found her!

Neely Quinn, owner of TrainingBeta
After Talking to Mary We Increased Sales by 30%

“I’d been asking people in my MasterMind group to give me advice on my website for months, but what I got back from them was just not enough. It wasn’t detailed enough to do me any good.

Basically, I was looking for a coach who could give me an expert opinion on what I could do better on my website overall. She went above and beyond what I thought she’d do, honestly.

The copy she helped me create wasn’t cheesy, either. That’s something my audience will not tolerate. It has to be authentic to our community, and I definitely feel like what she came up with was authentic, and we worked together to really hone it.

Since we talked and made changes, our sales have been higher than ever. We made a 30% leap in the first month, which is incredible. I think the site is really speaking to people now more than before.”

Neely Quinn
Owner of TrainingBeta

Persuasive Copy That
Converts Browsers Into Buyers ...

Begins with research:

  • Knowing how your brand meets the needs, desires and problems your prospects face.
  • Understanding the journey your prospects take to becoming customers.

This intelligence uncovers the right messages to communicate to the right people at the right time.

Persuasive techniques put triggers in your copy that motivate visitors to take the action you want. That could be purchasing, signing onto your email list, making an appointment or any other business goal.

I’ll apply my seasoned marketing and copywriting experience to uncover the right messages and polish them up with persuasion.

Good Design Puts a Brooks Brothers Suit on Your Web Copy so it Sells Like a Pro

The best web copy in the world will fail to convert if people can’t see your stellar headlines. Or if visitors get confused on your web page and click away from your site. And away from your business. Forever.

You'll get copy formatted and designed for maximum conversions. My techniques come from years of user interface experience and designing websites that convert.

Digital Marketing Deva offers website copywriting services.

Put more earning power behind your website.


Get more conversions from your traffic.

Copy That Keeps on Giving

Every brand has a unique personality, a unique nature and a unique way of relating to customers. So does every product.

Owning this differentiation shuts out the competition and converts one-time buyers into brand loyalists. Rewarding you with dividends of repeat sales and referrals.

I’ll help you hone in on the unique value proposition that separates your business and your products from the crowd. And communicate that in your brand’s voice.

Wendy Sullivan owner of WSW Consulting.
Have a Clear Picture of My Business Focus and Direction

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mary on designing my website and focusing my business message.

My website is attractive, professional and user friendly, but it also reflects the personality and uniqueness of my business, which sets Mary apart from other designers.

As a result of the process, I now have a more clear picture of my business focus and direction, am better able to explain my work to others and understand how to better package my services to clients - all unexpected but very welcome benefits to the process.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mary to anyone wanting to focus their business message and have a personalized and professional web presence."

Wendy Sullivan,
Owner of WSW Consulting

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