Elevate Your Sales
With Copywriting and Conversion Optimization That’ll Turn Your Digital Marketing into Money-Making Funnels

  • Bring in more revenue from SEO, PPC and social media ads.
  • Replace your run-of-the-mill informational web pages with funnels that make prospects eager to buy from you.
  • Get a higher return on your traffic-generating investments.

Overcome the Myth That’s Preventing You From Getting More Leads, Sales and Revenue

Most website managers and digital marketers believe that all of their problems will be solved when they figure out how to get more people to visit their sales landing pages. In fact, more visitors won’t make a difference if your web pages don’t lead those visitors to convert.

Prospects DON’T VISIT your sales page or website looking for a Wikipedia info listing about your product, service or brand. Nope. They have a need. Or a problem. And they’re DECIDING if you offer the best solution.

How Copywriting and Conversion Optimization Can
Set You Up for Success

Mary Iannotti here. Copywriter and conversion optimizer who doubles as an outdoor recreation fanatic.

I can create copy that addresses your prospects’ desires at each stage of their decision-making process. Convincing them more and more at every step that you offer the best solution for their needs.

Without fabricating or overselling. (Your prospects are too smart for bait-and-switch messages!).

I’ll augment your copy with persuasive design to increase your conversion rate—the end goal, whether that’s more money, more leads or more subscribers.

My copywriting comes from voice-of-the-customer research. It’s the secret sauce that uncovers why and how your audience buys.

Research is just one of the reasons my copy will produce seriously good results for your ad landing pages or website.

Ready to Elevate Your Sales?

Tripled Conversion Rate of Previous Campaigns

Email marketing can often feel cold and impersonal, but Mary used customer data to make her email campaign donor-centric and engaging.

This campaign made a big impact. I hope, by connecting to people more personally, that they’ll stay involved even longer than the average person who signs up.

Hillary Larson
Digital Innovation Campaigner, Sierra Club

We Increased Sales by 30%

I was looking for a coach who could give me an expert opinion on what I could do better on my website overall. Mary went above and beyond what I thought she’d do, honestly.

The copy she helped me create wasn’t cheesy, either. That’s something my audience will not tolerate. It has to be authentic to our community, and I definitely feel like what she came up with was authentic.

Since we talked and made changes, our sales have been higher than ever. We made a 30% leap in the first month, which is incredible.

Neely Quinn
Owner, TrainingBeta

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